My name is Nadhira Hill. I’m a Black, female, Classics and archaeology professor who finds joy in helping others, especially people who look like me and have experiences like my own. It’s no secret that Classical Studies isn’t known for its great diversity – in curriculum or in its people – but I want to help change that.

I approach anti-racism as an ongoing practice of unlearning harmful beliefs and behaviors, so that we can make room for historically excluded voices and innovative strategies for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field.

I appreciate the time and effort required for this kind of change to happen, and advocate strongly for collaborative and SMART approaches and taking this journey one small step at a time.

As I embark on my own anti-racism journey, and provide resources for BIPOC in the field and white allies alike, I hope to inspire you to begin (or continue) to embark on this journey with me to move the field in a better, more inclusive direction. Let’s get to work.

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This blog grew out of my increasing awareness of the lack of space for BIPOC in Classics to connect, to commiserate, and to celebrate one another’s achievements.

While there are many blogs dedicated to “Classics” and even more about the experiences of being a (undergrad or grad) student, the experiences of BIPOC in Classics is unique and deserves to be treated in its own space.

There are also lots of groups, caucuses, and committees tailored to the experiences of one group or another, but such compartmentalizing inevitably leaves some people out.

This blog, I hope, will bring us all together.

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I have published several posts on online, including “A Grad Student’s Guide to Free Food” for Eidolon (2019), Blog Post #13: Grad Student Feature with Nadhira Hill for Peopling the Past (2021), and “Archaeology’s Destructive Legacy: Burning it All Down to Better Support Scholars of Color” for the Jugaad Project (2021).

I also helped curate a list of Black-Centered Resources for Ancient Mediterranean Studies and participated in a webinar on “Critical Conversations on Race, Teaching, and Antiquity” hosted by the Archaeological Institute of America in 2020, and presented a paper on inclusive pedagogy at Res Difficiles 2.0 (2021).

In August 2021 I was awarded a Public Scholarship Award by the Women’s Classical Caucus.

You can check out my curriculum vitae here.


Nadhira Hill is an Assistant Professor of Classics and Archaeology at Randolph-Macon College. Her research focuses on households, drinking practices, ceramic production, and cultural interaction in 5th and 4th century BCE Greece. She is the founder of the blog Notes from the Apotheke. Nadhira has written for Eidolon and the Jugaad Project, has been featured on Peopling the Past, and was awarded the Women’s Classical Caucus’s Public Scholarship Award for 2021-2022.

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