Notes from the Apotheke Turns Three! Another Year in Review

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing my first year in review for this blog in 2021. Somehow, I blinked and now we’re in year THREE. Can you believe it??

As it turns out, a lot can happen in three years. So much, in fact, that I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I did in that first year. However, the fact that I’ve seen SO much growth in the two years since my first year in review post shows that even though I’ve been busy in other areas of my life, the support for this blog has not wavered.

So, I have to first thank every single one of YOU for sticking with this thing.

What began as something I didn’t think would have much impact has become one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done in my life.

If you’re wondering where this blog began, you can check out the last post for a summary of where I was coming from in Winter 2021.

Black woman in blue and black graduation robes standing in front of a fountain

I think I’ve come a long way since then. I defended my dissertation and graduated with a whole PhD. While finishing my degree, I got a job and am now an Assistant Professor (at my alma mater, no less!).

Somehow in there I also published a chapter in Diversity and the Study of Antiquity in Higher Education (2023) and continue to write more. One of those articles (not yet published) is based on a talk I gave at the Presenting the Past colloquium held in Vancouver, British Columbia in March 2023. As a result, my work with this blog has gotten a lot of attention – perhaps the most it has since 2021.

How It’s Going

Although, as you can imagine, my life is now even busier with my new job and committee work. However, I still want to commit to this blog and helping this field be the best and most inclusive it can be. I think what motivates me is seeing the impact that this blog has had, as well as hearing how my posts have impacted each of you more directly.

In general, here is Notes from the Apotheke by the numbers:

  • All time views: 33,976 (+almost 3,000 views in 2 years)
  • Most viewed blog post in 2023: Google Calendar vs Notion (4,291 views)
  • Instagram followers: 639 (+almost 300 in 2 years)
  • Instagram posts: 172 (+almost 100 in 2 years)
  • Total blog posts: 80
  • BIPOC features: 12, new in 2023 – Alex-Jaden Peart and Hardeep Singh Dhindsa
  • Hidden curriculum posts: 13

The Future of the Blog

In 2021, I included this section to share some of my aspirations for what the blog might become. Here’s a reminder of the resolutions I had for my blog in 2022:

  • Reach 20 BIPOC features
  • Double my Instagram follower count
  • Organize two challenges or workshops

I didn’t reach 20 BIPOC features, although I did add a few new faces to the lineup between 2022 and 2023.

As for challenges or workshops, I did manage to eek out a few workshops since 2021. Two events I co-organized with the Women’s Classical Caucus in 2022. These were an Archaeologists of Color Roundtable and a panel discussion focused on Community-Engaged Archaeology. In March 2023, I received an invitation to organize a workshop as part of my attendance at the Presenting the Past colloquium, which I talk about in this post.

I also had great success in increasing my Instagram follower count. I think I anticipated a decline in Twitter usage already in 2021, and indeed my attention is mostly focused on Instagram now.

Since 2021, I managed to nearly TRIPLE my Instagram follower count which is better than I’d ever expected. Here’s hoping that I can keep up that momentum in the future.

In the spirit of new years and resolutions, here are three more goals for the blog over the next two years:

  • Reach 100 blog posts
  • Reach 1000 Instagram followers by 2025
  • Reach 20 BIPOC features by 2025

Rather than putting pressure on myself to get all this done in the next year, I decided to follow the same pattern as the last time I wrote a post like this. Although my goals in 2021 were for 2022, I didn’t actually review them until two years later – 2023. Therefore, I think it makes more sense to envision these as two-year goals.

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