Round-Up: The Hidden Curriculum

Happy November! In case you missed it, in August I decided to make my blogging comeback with a round-up of resources centered around a back-to-school theme. In honor of last month’s installment bringing us to ten posts on the topic, this month’s round-up is all about the hidden curriculum.

The hidden curriculum series began nearly two years ago (the first post went live on January 28, 2021). As each post reminds us, the series was borne from the observation that there is a lot that we, as academics, are expected to know but are never taught.

Black dog with blue collar sitting at a desk with two computer monitors. White text with black border superimposed over the image in top right corner reads: I have no idea what I'm doing.

I figured it might be helpful to have all the posts in the series to date all in one place for ease of access.

In addition, you will find related posts providing general advice and resources, as well as links to other resources I’ve found useful from around the internet (mostly Twitter).

The Series


Tips for Applying for Funding

Writing Personal Statements


The Dissertation Prospectus

Demystifying the Dissertation Chapter

Abstract Writing

Research Trip 101: Permits

Email Etiquette

Asking for Recommendation Letters

Conquer the Cold Email


3 Tips for More Anti-Racist Mentorship

Professional Development: Where to Start and Where to Look

The Introvert’s Guide to Conference Presentations

General Advice

Get Rid of Writer’s Block Once and For All

5 Grad School Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

5 More Grad School Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Additional Resources          

Scrivener vs Word vs Google Docs: Which is Better for Thesis Writing?

Funding Guide for BIPOC Students in Classics

The Ultimate Checklist for Funding Applications

Around the Internet

I’ve learned A LOT about how to be an academic from the Internet, and now you can too.

Check out this Twitter thread by Maia C Brons on strategies for editing.

This thread by Chloe Kirk offers helpful tips and tools for time management.

Of course, this thread on how to defend a dissertation.

And, finally, this AMAZING thread by Ellen Muehlberger on writing conclusions.

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